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Black Ops, Beltway Bandits & the US Shadow Government

by Uri Dowbenko

What would you do if Ollie North and his covert Iran-Contra network owed you $200,000?

      All things considered, you might have better luck collecting from the Gambino or Colombo Family, the New York based mob syndicates. At least they claim to be men of honor.

      And that's Al Martin's dilemma. He's been placed in what he calls the "jack box," the untenable position of being owed money by an illegal black ops network of Iran-Contra players. This outfit includes military and intel officers, government bureaucrats, and "beltway bandits," fraudsters and so-called "consultants" who feed at the trough of corrupt Washington politics and dirty deals.

      In short, Al Martin has been double-crossed.

      Because of his failing health, Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin (US Navy, Ret) has now decided to go public and tell the whole story of the Iran Contra Conspiracy.

      His new book, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," is an unprecedented revelation of the covert world of the US Shadow Government. It's a personal account of his own involvement with Iran-Contra scams. He has first hand knowledge of US Government sanctioned narcotics trafficking, illicit weapons deals and a veritable epidemic of fraud -- corporate securities fraud, real estate fraud, banking fraud and insurance fraud.

      And since he worked directly with Jeb Bush and has personal knowledge of Bush Family criminal activities, Al Martin states unequivocally that both the Republican and the Democrat Parties were, and are, complicit in illegal fundraising and money laundering.

      In fact, he is so blasé about high level corruption that he casually refers to it as "How the Real World Works."

      Nevertheless Al Martin's book "The Conspirators" is a shocking expose of unbelievable proportions. It's an uncensored version of what really goes on in the proverbial back rooms of power politics.

      Al Martin tells the facts and names names which no one has dared to write or publish before. It's the hidden side of Washington, sensational and shocking, a story of true conspiracy that is breath-takingly awesome in its sweep.

      If you can imagine a system in which mega-corporate and government insiders use the US Government, its agencies and programs as their own private piggy bank -- a criminal and privatized "public sector," if you will -- you can begin to understand the outrageous levels of corruption and criminal behavior that thrive in Washington.


      Al Martin is definitely the man who knows too much. He knows too much about government fraud at the highest levels. About Iran Contra. And about the conspirators themselves.

      As a fourth level player of Iran Contra, just below Ollie North, George Bush Jr. and Jeb Bush, he knows about the scams and dirty deals that never stopped.

      And why is this story important? Because the so-called Iran-Contra frauds are ongoing and they continue to cost billion of dollars a year for American taxpayers.

      A case in point is the May 2000 testimony of HUD Inspector General Susan Gaffney in which she admitted that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development had "lost" $59 billion. She couldn't account for it. She didn't know what happened to it. And she couldn't certify HUD's financial statement.

      By the way, Gaffney is the person responsible for internal HUD financial controls.

      Meanwhile the General Accounting Office (GAO) has placed HUD on the high risk list.

      HUD Director Andrew Cuomo, who promotes himself as the re-engineering king of HUD, also claims to be clueless about the "lost" $59 billion. In other words, the proverbial fix is in. The only possible conclusion is that HUD itself is a criminal enterprise with no credible authority whatsoever, and Andrew Cuomo's job has been to cover up the daily compounding fraud.

      According to Al Martin, Oliver North himself used to say that "HUD is like a candy store for covert revenues." In other words, if you need to steal from the government, you can't do better than steal from HUD.

      In his book, Martin writes that he "cross-referenced these frauds and eighty percent of them involve so-called busted out HUD property, or so-called busted out bank deals, that had been previously syndicated and broke down for one reason or another. That was the most common underlying theme in these real estate frauds."

      Later in the book, he admits that his "former associate Larry Hamil's recent activity -- his most recent fraud was the $11 million fraud he committed in the State of Florida which also involved busted out HUD properties. But the schemes literally continue to this day, although not to the monetary extent they once did. The reason why is because there isn't the availability of busted out property deals like there once was."


      Whistleblower Al Martin has testified before the congressional Kerry Committee as well as the Alexander Committee regarding the egregious frauds of Iran-Contra.

      Because of what he's seen, Al Martin has recently been in hiding, targeted by these same bureaucrat-perps.

      How did it start? When George Bush, Bill Casey and Oliver North initiated their plan of wholesale fraud and drug smuggling, they envisioned using 500 men to raise $35 billion.

      When Iran-Contra finally fell apart, they ended up using 5,000 operatives and making $350 billion in covert revenue streams to fund their illegal secret operations.

      And who is Al Martin? After he retired as a Lt. Commander from the US Naval Reserves, Al Martin's life went into the fast lane as a black ops specialist, an ONI (Office of National Intelligence) officer.

      At a meeting with General Richard V. Secord and government-protected con man Lawrence Richard Hamil, Martin was briefed about Iran-Contra operations and allowed to view CIA white papers on "Operation Black Eagle," the insiders' code name for the illegal program of government-sanctioned narcotics trafficking, weapons deals and fraud.

      Martin's book "The Conspirators" reveals the hidden history of the United States during the Iran-Contra era. It's a source document on the frauds and corruption spawned by men under the pretense of patriotism. These are high-level criminals who publicly rationalized their conspiracies with the cover story of "fighting communism."

      Many of the book's chapters contain completely unreleased material like:

      * The National Programs Office (NPO) and Operation Sledgehammer
* Oliver North: The Money Laundering Drug Smuggling Patriot
* Do Nothing Janet Reno and Iran-Contra Suppression
* Classified Illegal Operations: Cordoba Harbor and Screw Worm
* The Don Austin-Denver HUD Fraud Case
* US Government Narcotics Smuggling & Illicit Weapons Sales
* The Chinese Connection: US Weapons Scams
* The Real Story of Operation Watchtower
* Bush Family Corporate, Real Estate, and Bank Frauds


      Al Martin's book is remarkable because it draws such a vast panorama of insider deals and the "players" involved, as well as government-sanctioned fraud, which has never before been revealed.

      "In my fraud files, I have a summary labeled 'Master Iran-Contra Fraud File,' which includes all substantive frauds committed between 1983 and 1991 during the Iran-Contra and the post-Iran-Contra environment," writes Al Martin.

      "In this file, which includes 543 names, I have detailed and broken down the fraud into various categories. These categories include real estate fraud, oil and gas fraud, gold bullion fraud, bank fraud of many different varieties, securities fraud, all the way down to charitable contribution fraud, brokerage fraud, i.e. aircraft and luxury yacht brokerage fraud and diversion schemes. This is all under the Iran-Contra banner."

      "Some of the significant names you will find as principals in these frauds include, but are not limited to George Bush, Sr., George Bush, Jr., Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, and George Bush, Sr.'s daughter, Dorothy Bush's husband, who is Jimmy Le Blonde, Jr.," he continues.

      "His father is the famous Colonel Jimmy Le Blonde of Air America and Iran-Contra fame. By the way, Colonel Le Blonde held a congressional record for invoking the phrase, 'I don't recall,' 117 times, when he was asked questions about Southern Air Transport's involvement in Iran-Contra cocaine and weapons trafficking."

      "Other names include former Frank Carlucci, former Assistant Secretary of State, Elliott Abrams, former Assistant Secretary of State, Bernard Aronson, former Under-Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger, and former Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Armitage," Martin continues.

      "Involved in fraud on the CIA side of the ledger, the list would include former Deputy Director of Operations, Clair George, Assistant Deputy Directory of Operations, Allan Fiers, a variety of station chiefs, and CIA Internal sub-Director, Dewey Clarridge."

      "On the military side, I have divided the 'scamscateers' into both active and retired. The retired group is quite substantial. In the fraud file, there are names like, but not limited to, Maj. Gen. Richard Vernon Secord, Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, Brig. General Harry C. Aderholt, Col. Sam Dutton, Col. Richard Gadd, Col. Robert Steele, Lt. Col. Jack Terrell, Lt. Col. Duke Rome, and Maj. John N. Piowatty."

      "The officers I just mentioned were all retired, and of course, are notorious Iran-Contra figures. They are often just placed into their involvement with Southern Air Transport and its subsidiaries with regards to the trafficking of weapons and cocaine and the liaison facility these men provided between the NSC and the CIA, vis-a-vis the Honduran armed forces, the El Salvadoran Air Force, the Colombian and Venezuelan Air Forces, etc. They are seldom looked at in the context of fraud which they were involved in to line their own pockets. This was fraud committed under the banner of Iran-Contra and fraud for which they were never prosecuted."


      According to whistleblower Al Martin, there are common links between many of the Iran-Contra era frauds and corporations controlled by the Bushes, corporate fronts involved in real estate, oil and gas, banking and securities fraud.

      "Some of the more minor frauds that were committed -- the gold bullion and the charitable donations frauds -- those were undertaken directly by Gen. Singlaub, who is quite notorious for those type of frauds," Martin continues. "In terms of active military officers participating in Iran-Contra fraud, they would also include Lt. Gen. John Gavin and Lt. Gen. Michael Collins. Also included in the notable list of retired officers in Iran-Contra fraud are Adm. Elmo Zumwalt and Adm. C. Garrett Henderson, former Deputy Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence."

      The real estate fraud and the banks involved were "Iran-Contra friendly" banks. "Otherwise the fraud would not have worked," he adds. His list includes 137 major frauds and he writes that he "didn't make records at the time of every nickel-and-dime $10 and $20 million dollar fraud. It just wasn't possible."

      "In my personal logs at the time -- based on my own business affairs and my interaction with others, particularly selling these fraudulent products, I used the cut-off line of $100 million in the real estate fraud category," Martin continues.

      The Phoenix Development Fraud involved a combination of "busted out" or defaulted HUD properties, as well as Lincoln Savings & Loan property. Martin writes that these properties were incorporated into a limited partnership and resyndicated by the general partners, including Gen. Secord, Gen. Singlaub, Col. Gadd, Col. Dutton, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Walter Bush, the then-Vice President's nephew, Prescott Bush, the then-Vice President's older brother, and Prescott's son.

      According to Martin, the fraud involved busted out HUD property bought through loans at Lincoln Savings & Loan for ten to twenty cents on the dollar.

      "These were very expensive residential developments in Phoenix, where Lincoln Savings & Loan had a collateral guarantee against the original loans used in the HUD property," writes Martin. "It's quite humorous, that in the Phoenix Development Fraud, one of the consequences was that Gen. Secord, Gen. Singlaub, and George Bush all wind up owning homes together on the same cul-de-sac in Phoenix near the country club -- for which they paid nothing."

      "These homes are appraised between $400,000 and $800,000, and it cost them absolutely nothing," Martin continues. "Further up the street, Col. Jack Terrell has a home and this fraud is really blatant. But people have tried to look at it in the past, and they've been hit with a blizzard of paperwork. If you weren't there from the beginning and weren't involved from the beginning as I was, it's tough to connect all the dots because there's so many of them."

      Martin writes that, like a Mega-Corporate Godfather, "George Bush, Sr. would invariably be given a piece of everything, of every fraud that was done, because he was at the very top of the pyramid, and much of this fraud could not have been committed without either his protection or his influence. So he winds up with this house on a certain cul-de-sac in the Riverdale development of this Phoenix project, although naturally it's not held in his own name. It's held by an entity known as PHB Trust, Ltd. The PHB stands for Prescott Herbert Bush, Sr. who is George Bush, Sr.'s father."


      "The best way to link Ollie North into fraud, to get him away from the narcotics and weapons," continues Martin, "is to link him through Stanford Technologies Overseas, Ltd., or Intercontinental Industries, S.A. of San Jose, Costa Rica, in which he was the principal and Richard Secord was the director." "These two are the most common ones," continues Martin. "Lots of times, Intercontinental would front as a money-laundering organization for disguised loans from other Iran-Contra sympathetic banks in the Caribbean, like Banco de Popular, specifically the Santa Domingo branch."

      The money laundering took a circuitous route. "Intercontinental Industries would launder proceeds from what were essentially illicit loans back to Stanford Technologies, which would, in turn, direct these proceeds by purchasing interest in fraudulent real estate limited partnerships, like the Phoenix Group Development."

      According to Martin, money for these deals would often be raised through a subsidiary of publicly traded Denver-based MDC Corporation called National Brokerage Group.

      "National Brokerage Group winds up buying an interest in another firm (at one time the largest penny stock firm in the United States) Meyer Blinder, which later became Blinder Robinson before it was closed down," Martin continues. "In turn, MDC owned pieces of penny stock houses throughout Denver -- Balfour McClain, Atlantis Securities, Singer Island Securities. The list goes on and on, and you will see that most of these corporations in turn had offices in Florida, Nevada, and Texas -- states where security regulations were rather lax."

      These states also contained what Martin calls "Iran-Contra control features," i.e state governments which were very loyal to George Bush, Sr.

      "Consequently controlling liability within the various state securities or state bank examiner's offices was really remarkable," says Martin. "The reason these frauds were able to operate for so long -- in some cases, some are still extant and operating fifteen years later -- and rather discreetly is because no individual investors' money was ever used. There wasn't a series of warm bodies that bought $100,000 worth of these partnerships that got burnt."

      "The people who ultimately got burned were banks and securities firms, and, of course, by extension, the American taxpayers who had to bail them out."


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